Posted by: Tim Lincoln | October 8, 2009

WordPress logo fun

So the folks at WordPress said that they were going away to have some fun (surely that’s what the big secret is, after all) and suggested that we have some fun with their logo while they were gone. I’m not usually the creative type. However, I saw an opportunity to not only fiddle around with the WordPress logos, but to learn something new at the same time.

So with a little trial and error, I have created a paint scheme for a Boeing 737-800 aircraft for use in Flight Simulator X. Understand that I have never done this before, and for a first attempt I think it turned out relatively well. It obviously could use some tweaking, and I will probably fiddle with it a bit more during the next week or so, but here you go.

I’m sure everyone at WordPress would love to have an aircraft dedicated to their use. Well now they do.

I need to try to get a closer screenshot of the registration number on the tail. I was able to find an actual unused US registration number, N448WP, to represent the 448 thousand new blogs created in September (unfortunately this is not one of them).



  1. Wow, the planes look awesome with the WordPress Logo on it!! 😀

  2. Cooooooolioo!

  3. Niiiiice!
    I’m in, too.

  4. Big fan of flight sim X myself. The graphics are especially good…. Nice style Blog……. 737 sim fan

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